Friday, January 10, 2014

Coupon Corner: Some may have fallen on savvy-shopping wagon

There are a few steps you can take to get back to shopping smart:

* Go into your pantry and take stock. What's almost gone? These are the items you want to find a deal on now to avoid paying full price for them on your next trip to the store. You might not find a spectacular deal, but aim for saving at least 50 percent. Use an online-On Sales database to search for any coupons for them.

* Look at what caused you to fall off the wagon. Were you burnt out? Had you been spending two hours a day looking at coupons? Or were you just not seeing the savings you wanted? Find out what caused you to stop couponing. If you were spending too much time, set a time limit on your couponing. Set aside an hour a week to look at the sales and prepare your trips. If you were burnt out, it's often because you take on too many stores. Chose just one grocery store and one drug store and focus on finding their deals. Whatever the reason, pinpointing it can reduce the chances of going back to paying full price.

* Get motivated by finding an item that is free this week and get it. Walking out of the store with a new free item may give you the boost you need to remind you of how far you can reduce your spending - and get you in the savvy-shopping mood again.

Your stockpile didn't dwindle over night, and it won't be replenished overnight. But taking a few steps now can renew your desire to spend less on the items that you need and want.

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